Dar Ul Sukun
Dar Ul Sukun is a home for 150 physically and mentally handicapped children. The centre has a team of committed and dedicated nuns working to rehabilitate a normal life in society for its inmates. Dar Ul Sukun offers education, food, shelter and medical aid to those in need. The centre caters to the individual requirements of its inmates and thus, sends them to special schools and hospitals as per their condition. Inmates also take part in the Special Olympics.

The Friends of Life committee makes monthly donations and members of the committee frequently visit the centre in order to support the organization’s humanitarian efforts.

Friends of Life initially donated groceries, but has now shifted to cash donations in order to allow the organization to pay its medical, electrical and water supply bills.

Friends of Burns Centre
Burns Centre (Civil Hospital) is the first of its kind in Pakistan, operating according to International medical standards. It is run by a Committee “Friends of Burns Centre”. Although there is a lack of availability for burn treatments in the country, the Centre manages to cater to approximately 20,000 patients per year, with an average of 500-600 in-patients with severe burns, from all over Pakistan.  

The treatment is extended to patients free of cost.

After visiting the facility and witnessing the state-of-art technology being provided, Pak Oman’s Friends of Life Committee instigated a project with the Centre in which it decided to sponsor the monthly salary of a professionally trained doctor for the Centre. The donations for the first quarter worth Rs 35,000 were made on 28th July, 2008 for Doctor Ashok Perchani who is highly qualified in the treatment of burns.

Friends of Life would like to continue making efforts to contribute towards the treatment of deserving patients and prays that it always has the ability to do so.

Al-Mehrab Tibbi Imdad
Friends of Life recently initiated a project with Al-Mehrab Tibbi Imdad, a sanctuary for the terminally ill. Located at Sindhi Muslim, Al-Mehrab is a society formed for the purpose of providing free medical aid to destitute and needy patients suffering from terminal illness, particularly cancer. 

Patients who have been diagnosed as terminal come to the Hospice which extends dedicated care required to nurse cancer patients and help them spend their last moments with ease. 

Friends of Life committee members took the initiative of personally visiting the Hospice and met with one of the Board of Governors Mrs. Shahrbanu Iqbal, at the facility to inquire about their requirements. 

The members later purchased the necessary provisions and delivered supplies worth Rs 35,000 on April 3, 2008 to the organization.