The Treasury of Pak Oman provides full support to Corporate and Investment Banking in carrying out their activities. Its functions includeMoney Market Operations (Interbank and Bond Trading, both Government & Corporate), Market Making and Capital Market Operations (Debt & Equity). Deposit Mobilization from corporate and retail customers remains a major source of funding to finance the company’s investment and lending transactions. Pak Oman’s treasury prides itself in fine pricing and maintaining high turnover. It has a Strong sell down ability due to wide distribution network of Financial Institutions, Corporates and funds. Pak Oman is the only DFI to be appointed as a Primary Dealer by the State Bank of Pakistan.
Terms & Conditions for Certificate of Investments are enhanced in order to protect customer’s rights as directed by State Bank of Pakistan. Click below links to view revised Terms & Conditions,

Certificate of Investment (COI) Account Opening Forms:-  Individual , Corporate
Contact to :

Corporate Desk
Direct No : 021 35630981, 021 35631019
PABX No : 021 35630971 - 75, Ext 104, 130, 168, 175
Fax No : 021 35630959